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Chair: Christine W.


Liaison: Larry P.


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Meets on the last Monday of each Month at 7:00 pm on Zoom –

August Report:

  • Telephone calls and visitors to the Office and website for the period beginning 22 June 2021
    through 21 July 2021.
    Call/Visitor breakdown:

    • Calls for A.A. Meetings 28
    • Calls for Al-Anon/Al-Alateen Meetings 1
    • Calls for A.A. Information 41
    • Calls for other programs 0
    • Visitors to the Office 166
    • Visitors to the Website 9894
    • Calls Taken by Answering Service 160
    • 12th Step calls to office 0
    • Total Contacts: 10,290
    • Total Contacts Year-To-Date (2021): 67,341
  • Net sales (i.e. taxes and shipping excluded) on the e-store this reporting period are $222.65.
    Since the pandemic hit, online sales first rose dramatically, then fell, and since then remain up
    and down with no “new normal”.
  • The percent of people going to the site from mobile devices fell from over 90% before the
    pandemic to just over half, then has remained steady at about 72% ever since. All of which
    reflects that while things are more stable now than a year ago it is still uncertain how the
    pandemic will play out.
  • UNMC and Children’s both are urging caution about relaxing public safety measures as the
    numbers are trending the wrong way. Accordingly, Central Office staff advises not relaxing
    protocols that have been in place.
  • Contributions, by individuals or groups, can be made on our site via the ‘Donate’ page. When
    sending group contributions, PLEASE identify the group name and time of meeting, NOT group service number. Group service numbers are a district/area/GSO identifier and Central Office does not use them.

Our checking balance averages right where we want it, without having to ‘tap’ prudent reserve.
All good!


NOTE: Central Office will not be open the Saturday of Cornhusker Roundup.